Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Statue Of József Eötvös

Eövtös was  a hungrarian statesmen's, who served as minster of education, and religion, he was also a writer and an advocate for the Jewish community of Budapest. All of this during the height of Austro-Hungarian empire.
This is  quite an interesting pictures. At the foot of the statue are to elder gentleman playing traditional music. It is a common sight throughout Budapest to see street performers, it seems like in every corner there is someone performing. It might seem annoying but all the performers where very polite, unlike other places in Europe. The other interesting thing is the young women with her bike. She was waiting for a friend or a date.  In a lot of places in Europe  statues are used as meeting places. Statues are important landmarks within European  cityscapes.  While in the united states they are overlooked. In Europe they are essential part of the feel of the city.

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