Sunday, September 27, 2015

City Park Lake

Vajdahunyad Castle Chapel

The Entrance To Vajdahunyad Castle

The Vajdajunyad Castle is located inside in City Park. Built  for the Millennial Exhibition of 1896.The castle was built only as a  temporary Exhibition. But it was so popular that is was kept as permanent. The castle complex has some very interesting things within its walls, A Chapel, as well as some very interesting statues. To me the castle was very impressive, it looked like a medieval castle out of a Disney fairy tail. But I have to be honest I was very disappointed when I found that the castle was not real. It took away my enthusiasm. But I will still recommend it if you are visiting Budapest.          

Hero Square

Hero Square is located at the entrance  of City Park. The pillar in the center, is the tomb of the unknown soldier, on the top of the pillar is a statue of Archangel Gabriel. Gabriel symbolizes heavenly protection over the  Hungarian people. The statues on the left are mostly Hungarian  kings who where significant in Hungarian history, as well as religious figures. The Statues on the right are a more unique group of historical figures, from soldiers, scholars, and Statesman. This open air Pantheon of Hungarian greats, build during the Astro-Hungarian Empire, Is very breath taking at first sight.          

Friday, September 18, 2015

Gellert Water Fall

I stumbled on this just by chance. I was walking around town and found this amazing water fall. It seems like a hidden gem because nobody was around. It is located  Above the bridge is a statue of St. Gerhard  an Italian Missionary who was thrown to his death for promoting Christianity to the pagans.     

Fisherman's Bastion (1)

Fisherman's Bastion is located on Buda side over looking the Danube and in front of Matthias Church. This neo-Gothic neo-Romanesque terrace was built in 1895. It looks older because it was inspired by a Medieval wall that stood in the same location. During Medieval times, this area of the city had wall that was maned by fisherman. They would guard  the wall and sale there catch.  That is where the name comes from. In my experience it is very crowded, but worth it. The view is amazing. You can see the Parliament building as well as Sziget Island. This is just a breath taking place 

Fisherman's Bastion (2)

This the Back side of Fisherman's Bastion. The Statue Is of Stephan I Of  Hungary. In earlier post I have talked about St  Stephan, so if you want more information on him, please refer to earlier post. The Statue was erected in 1906 as part of Matthias Church.  

Crow With A Golden Seed Statue

Monday, September 14, 2015

Some Treats At Buda Castle

I'm  not sure of what all those treats are, but most of them where chocolates. This was in front of  Buda Castle. The day that I was there, their  was a festival  going on. There was traditional  food and live music. I found it very interesting that instead of playing traditional Hungarian music, they where playing the Blues Brothers. I find it very interesting to see Americas influence throughout the world.  In general it was  great relaxed atmosphere. I guess I picked the a great day to visit.   

A Close Up Of Buda Castle

Me On Buda Hill Overlooking Chain Bridge

The View From the Pest Side Of The Danube