Sunday, August 24, 2014

The statue is of king Charles the 3rd

Me at Puerta Del Sol

A side street in Madrid

Looking down at ave Prado

A lizard made out of CD's

Tapas from Mercado De San Miguel

A view of the inside of Mercado De San Miguel

Mercado De San Miguel

Mercado De San Miguel it is not really a market in the traditional way. Its filled small stalls selling tapas and other traditional Spanish cuisine.

Plaza Major

The statue is of king Phillip the 3rd created by Jean Boulogne and Pietro Tacca in 1616.

Plaza mayor

Plaza Major was built in 1598-1621. By king. Phillip the 3rd.

Side street in madrid

Friday, August 22, 2014

Puerta del sol

A church next the Prado Museum

A statue in front of congreso de los diputados

A fountain in the middle of ave Prado

Congreso de los diputados

Congress Del Los diputados is always guard by at least a truck full of police. It also symbolically guarded by  a lion on each side of the entrance.

Jan De Beer

This a painting be Jan dear Beer. A dutch painter from around the he 15th century.

Congreso de los diputados

Congreso Del Los diputados is the lower house of the Spanish congress.

Puerta del sol

Puerta Del Sol is a large plaza filled with street performers and street vendors. This has to be one of the liveliest places in Madrid. 

Twice Hilda 2 by Karl hubbuch

This is one of the best examples at the Thyssen museum of interwar period art.

Thyssen musuem

The thyssen museum is one worlds largest collection of privately held art in the world.

By ave Prado

Just madrid

Another point of view

A statue

Madrid is filled with buildings that are 6 to 7 stores tall. A lot of this buildings has statues on there roofs, adding to the great architecture of the city.

In front of the Prado museum

This is around the ave Prado.  This are has three world class museums . it is also one of prettiest areas of Madrid.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Basic facts about Iceland

I think its important to give some basic facts about Iceland.  To you the reader a better feel about the country. It seems to me a lot of people don't have any  basic knowledge about Iceland, besides that its really cold.
Iceland's capital is Reykjavik, with around 120.000 inhabitants, it also happens to be the northern most capital in the world. Iceland its self has a little over 325.000 inhabitants making Reykjavik its primate city.  it boast as being on of the oldest democracies in the world. It is constitutional  parliamentarian democracy.  The Mean language is Icelandic, most of people speak very good English, but with a very thick accent that sometimes can be hard to understand. I only encountered one person who did not know English. But that is few and far between. Iceland national animal is the Puffin a sea going bird who only comes to shore during mating season. As well as to have its young. Even dough Iceland is very gifted naturally it has very few animals that live on the island do to the island not have  abounded vegetation.  The currency is Isk which stands for Icelandic Krona.
Iceland is also one of the safest countries in the world. The crime rate is non existent. All in all Iceland is a really cool country to visit.

Monday, August 11, 2014


Lady with dog

Children's playing with art


Son Voyager

Son Voyager

This art piece is was created to remind all Icelandic people just how important the ocean is in there lives. According to the artist.

Side street

My view on my daily walks from the hotel to downtown Reykjavik

Me in front of mount Esja

Mount Esja

It seems chuck Norris is very popular in Iceland.

Street art

The harpa framed by to statues

A photo from the Icelandic national photography gallery

The national gallery