Friday, August 8, 2014

Test run part 2 Denver

The third day was the busiest  day of the trip. I woke some what early and took a bus to downtown Denver. Once there I made my way to 16th street mall. For those of you who don't what this is, its a part of downtown with shops and bars. The area is closed of to traffic and serviced by a free bus service that runs the whole of the street. This place was very unique. The street was full of hipsters people canvassing and a lot of tourist. Any type of person you could imagine was there. I spent most of the day just walking around this area enjoy the sites and sounds. One of the things that took me aback was all the political canvassing, even if you don't agree with there views. It is great to see a city that cares about its politics. Towards the later of my day, I made my way to the capital build and the libabry. This area was probably the highlight of my day. A very beautiful area. Field with great architecture and green spaces, and a world class Museum that I regret not visiting.  Next I'm in Denver I will make sure I go to museum.

To finish of the day, the family that was hosting me took me out for dinner at a very nice country club.
On my 4th and last day there, I went back to 16th street mall. Then the highlight of my trip. My friend Jeff took me up to look out mountain. From there we could  see a large part of Denver and the surrounding mountains. I fell I love with Denver!!!!

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