Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Back drop for Grace's wedding

My wardrobe for the wedding.

The bride and here grandmother.

Test Run Part 1 Denver

A couple  of weeks back, on July 9th, I flew to Denver. I stayed in Denver for 4 days. The reason for my trip, was that my friend Grace was getting Married. I had never really being on a vacation by myself. I was not completely by myself dough.  I stayed with the family of one of my college friends. They where very good to me. They treat me like family. they open there home and they give me rides around town. I got a pretty good deal with them.

The first day of my trip was a pretty long day. My flight left at 8.30 p.m and arrived at 10.30. But travel days are always pretty long for me.  I tend to procrastinate, so i spend that day packing, or buying last minute items. This time was no different.  

The second day, was a pretty slow day. I spent most of the day resting and planning my next couple of days. In the afternoon,  I went to the Grace's wedding. I was a little apprehensive about it, because i did not know anybody, besides the bride and groom. But this was a good test. Sense I'm going by myself to Europe, I'm going to find myself in a lot situations that are going to put me  out of my comfort zone. In this case i just took and deep breath, and ask the first person i saw a question, and then introduced myself. It turned out that the person i introduced myself to was Sarah. One of Grace's co-workers. She turned out to be the nicest person at the wedding. We quickly become friends and chatted all night long. This was super encouraging. I hope that in my trip to Europe I can meet awesome people like Sarah.      

Friday, July 18, 2014

Outline of the trip.

The trip is going to be around 50 days long. My trip is going to start on, august 5th.  I'm flying from Ft Lauderdale to Boston, and then Boston to Reykjavik Iceland. I will stay in Reykjavik for 5 days. Then i'm flying to Madrid and staying there for about 9 days. Then original plan was after spending a couple of days in Madrid i would trek down to Morocco. But that might not be the case anymore. Somethings came up and i don't know if i have place to stay in Morocco.  In September I will spend 2 weeks in Slovakia. I'm going to use Slovakia as a base. From there i will go to Czech Republic, Poland, Austria.  I still have not decide what Where I'm going for the last couple of days.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

The reasons for this trip.

I have told many of you about this trip, that I'm about to embark on. The first thing that people ask me is why? In February I decide that i wanted to go on an adventure. a lengthy trip throughout Europe, and some parts of Africa.  I decided that  this might be the only  time in my life that i was going to be so free. In this period of my life. I really don't have anything that ties me down. I don't have good job, or girlfriend, or live in a city that i love. I also have the freedom of being able to save up the money needed for this trip. So the best answer for that question that i can give to people, is that this might be the only time in my life that i have nothing holding me down, or responsibilities. Another reason is that i have always wanted to see the world. I might not be seeing the whole world, but Europe is a good start.