Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Review of my days in Greece

In total I spent ten days in Greece more then imagined when I first planed my trip. But it turned out to be unique experience. Staying for such a long time give me a unique view of Athens, that many people might not have. The one of the first things I notice in my first couple of days in Athens, was that the city was not the prettiest. It was somewhat dirty and it just looked like it was not very well taken care of. But I do realize that Greece is going through some hardships. During my time their I wondered how the city would have looked like a couple of years before the economic hardships.  I also noticed some things that I did not experience in any parts of Europe.  I think a lot of them where related to the economic hardships. Everyday I would go to the same gyro place for lunch. But everyday the price changed or I would not get the correct change this also happened in other places. I also want to a military history museum but when I went  it was empty, it felt like a ghost town. All of the museum that I visited in Europe had visitors.  Also the city did not feel very safe. It was especially  unsafe at night. Some of the guest in place where I was staying suggest not to go out at night.
But of course there was great things about the city as well.  The food was amazing, It was a real treat. Great shopping, some really unique stores filled with things that I did not see in any place in Europe. Also ever corner was filled with history. I also got to meet some very cool people in the hostel where I  stayed. I recently graduated Harvard student doing research, a brother and sister traveling the world, and British computer engineer. The best part of any trip is the people you meet, and this was the case in Athens.

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