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This is an awesome webpage, has help me so much in my travels. Please check them out guys. Great resources for travelers

About Hostelgeeks

Hostelgeeks in an Independent website to collect the worlds best, no, greatest Hostels based on transparent criteria: The 5 Star Hostels! The 5 Star Hostel award is an award and concept unique to and you can find all 5 Star Hostels in the world here (link to:

The two people behind Hostelgeeks are Anna and Matt, two media creatives working in the hostel industry for more than 5 years. They are both travelers, lovers of vintage design, good coffee, fashion, beach and sea, and life.

On Hostelgeeks you can find only 5 Star Hostels and only one hostel per destination. This makes it easy for you to find a fabulous hostel in many destinations around the world. Especially in popular travel destinations it can be a hassle to find a great hostel-typed accommodation such as Berlin, London or Madrid. Hostelgeeks collects and reviews the hostel and brings you only the one hostel you should stay at. Based on transparent criteria, Anna and Matt, award the Hostels to become 5 Star Hostels.

The transparenter criteria of a 5 Star Hostel are:
1)    Sustainable:
Hostelgeeks cares about sustainable and eco-friendly accommodations! It tells you a lot about the character of a hostel if there are eco-friendly installations throughout the hostel. Anna and Matt check this out for you!

2)    Superb Hostel Design:
A 5 Star Hostel comes always in a special design. From Boutique, to chic to cosy and upcycled! A good hostel design always reflects the local scene while it does not mean a design has to be expensive. The authenticity is key here!

3)    Unique:
Hostels are unique, and so are the 5 Star Hostels. Anna and Matt have a look on the uniqueness of the hostel. This can be a swimming pool, a roof top terrace, special events, or maybe even the staff.

4)    Social:
A Hostel should always be a social spot! And so are the 5 Star Hostels as well! Hostelgeeks checks out how social the Hostel is, if there are special events and efforts from the hostels side to create a special vibe around the accommodation. However, some of the listed 5 Star Hostels do not organize anything. Why? Well, have a look at Montacute Boutique Bunkhouse (link to:, the 5 Star Hostel in Tasmania. Every social activity happens here dynamically thanks to the vibe of the hostel!

5)    Great staff
Great staff is the heart of the hostel. Without a passionate and friendly team, a 5 Star Hostel would be only a great-looking hostel. And this is not what these Hostels are about.
Anna and Matt also review the team of the hostel behind.

Examples of 5 Star Hostels:
Let us have a look on some of the Hostels featured on Hostelgeeks.

5 Star Hostel in London: Palmers Lodge Swiss Cottage and Hillspring
Have you ever been to London? There are dozens of Hostels to choose from. Hostelgeeks favorite Hostel in London is Palmers Lodge Swiss Cottage (link to: and Palmers Lodge Hillspring (Link to: These two Hostels are differently designed. While Swiss Cottage is a lovely Mansion house, the Hillspring is located in a modern building featuring a young, modern design.

5 Star Hostel in Amsterdam
Same as in London, there are many Hostels in Amsterdam. Anna and Matt are big fans of Cocomama and Ecomama Hostel (link to: in Amsterdam. Both hostels are managed by the same owners, approaching a different type of traveler. The Cocomama Hostel (link to: is the very first Boutique Hostel in Amsterdam, perfect for the slow-traveler enjoying a cosy, intimate hostel vibe. Only groups up to 4 people are allowed here to stay, and they also have a Hostel cat looking for the next guests to cuddle with!
Ecomama on the other hand is the green, younger sister of Cocomama. Here you can find so many upcycled furniture, the reception is made out of books, and the common areas are well-designed and huge!

5 Star Hostel in Prague
The 5 Star Hostel award in Prague goes to Mosaic House Prague (link to: This hostel is located in the new town of Prague, surrounded by cool bars, cafés and great restaurants. Inside the hostel you can join several great parties and events such as karaoke nights, and live concerts by local bands. For the tranquil traveler, they offer as well as easy-going lounge to relax.

Is Hostelgeeks a booking platform?
Hostelgeeks is not a booking platform, and they do not have any motivation to get to your money through any booking. All they do is to collect 5 Star Hostels around the world and list them for you on a handy map. For a booking, they created a small field under each hostel article with a booking recommendation. Hostelgeeks recommends you to book directly through the hostel website as this is the place to find the lowest prices.

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